School Provision

Nursery Education Places are 15 hours per week in all childcare settings who are registered with Ofsted and implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This is to support working families to have greater flexibility in their childcare arrangements, together with valuing the importance of Early Years Education and Care for all young children.  From September 2017 we will be offering the new Government funded 30 hours provision for those parents who are eligible.



In this School we strongly support establishing consistent and clear routines for children to ensure they receive the necessary support to feel safe and secure and therefore thrive and develop the best they can.


We will be emphasising with parents/carers the importance of children attending every day of the week whenever possible, rather than on 2, 3 or 4 days only, so that planning to meet their care and learning needs can be as beneficial and successful as possible.


Once children have been offered a place then regular, punctual attendance is essential if they are to establish good relationships with their peers and adults. Poor attendance and lateness make it difficult for children to establish themselves within the group and also fragments their experiences, leading to slower progress and under-achievement.


If your child has to be absent for any reason, please telephone us to let us know. Reasons for absence need to be recorded in the Register.