First days

We realise the importance of establishing close links between home and school.


Before your child starts


Once you have accepted a place at the school, you will be invited to a meeting with the Head Teacher to be given further information about your child's admission.  You are encouraged to bring your child with you to come and play.  This helps them become familiar with the school before they start.


Our 'Settling In’ booklet will hopefully provide re-assurance if you are new to the School.


Staying with your child


A member of staff will arrange for you to stay with your child for as much time that she/he needs until she/he feels confident in your leaving and being in new surroundings with new people. We value the time you spend with us in the early days, and it gives you a good opportunity to meet all staff and see what the children will be doing.


When you do go, always tell your child that you are going and will be coming back soon. By being honest, your child learns to trust and have confidence in us as well as you.


Settling in


The School will be a new environment for your child who will need to adjust to new people, experiences and a change in routine. This can sometimes cause anxiety for both you and your child. All children are indviduals; some children will settle easily and others will take longer. We try to make the adjustments as gentle as possible by allowing you to settle your child at their pace.




Your Keyworker will introduce you to staff in the room and explain our philosophy and the routine. Staff work with all the children but your Keyworker is you first port of call.


Progress and Development


There are regular opportunities for you to discuss your child's progress and development with your Keyworker and we welcome your contributions, which can be added to their learning record. We believe that by working in close partnership with parents we can build a more detailed and complete picture of your child's development and learning. At the end of the year, parents receive a copy of their child's end of school assessment and their Record of Achievement (a file containing pieces of the children's work, photos etc).


"Record of Achievement" Leaflet
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