Understanding the World

We plan and provide a range of experiences to support children develop the skills, knowledge and understanding which will help them to make sense of the world around them.


Children are encouraged to explore and investigate their surroundings; handle new materials; experiment; describe; compare; discuss; predict and share their thinking. Outside the children are learning about the needs of living things by planting and growing vegetables; pond dipping; going on mini-beast hunts and observing seasonal changes. We also incubate duck or chicken eggs and observe the metamorphosis of tadpoles to frogs and caterpillars to butterflies.


Our woodwork bench provides an opportunity for children to learn to use tools safely with by designing and making models using wood, nails or glue.


Cooking is a regular activity and provides a focus for children to observe changes which take place when ingredients are mixed together, heated or cooled. We use this as an opportunity to reinforce hygiene and safety and raise the children's awareness of healthy foods and eating.


Small groups of children are sometimes taken out on visits - maybe the library, Post Office or shops to re-enforce a particular theme or interest. Features along the way are pointed out and photos taken which the children then place in sequence as they recall the journey to make a ‘map’. We take all the children to the farm each year during the Summer Term. Technology such as computers, a digital microscope, CD players, cameras, are in regular use and the children soon develop skills in operating them.