Children's clothing

Children will need to wear clothing which they can manage themselves. This will support their growing independence in using their self-help skills and ensure they can play unimpeded indoors and outside. Young children can find belts, braces, tight buttons and zips very frustrating, especially when she/he needs to come indoors and go to the toilet quickly. Please try not to dress your child in difficult clothing, e.g. denim jeans. In cold weather please provide sensible outside clothing as outdoor play is a very important part of the nursery day all year round.


Messy Play


Many activities at school involve interesting creative materials such as paint, clay or glue which children need to explore freely. We encourage the children to be independent and responsible by putting aprons their own aprons on, but sometimes accidents happen or children get over enthusiastic. It is better if you do not let the children wear ‘best’ clothes as this will avoid anyone getting upset.


Child's name on all clothes


Please put your child’s name in all coats and items of uniform if you choose this option. They are likely to take off jumpers etc. at school and may not understand at first that they need to hang them on their peg.

This is very important as many children wear similar clothing and it can be very upsetting if they cannot find their own things. It also helps us to return lost property to the correct child.




In Summer please make sure your child wears clothes which cover the back and shoulders and provide a hat to protect him/her from the sun. Sandals should not have open toes as these can be dangerous when climbing.

Please do not let your child wear jewellery, especially dangling earrings which can get caught and cause a serious accident.




Purley Nursery School does have a Uniform if parents would like to choose this option. Items are for sale from our supplier using the Internet.