Medical matters

You must keep us informed of current telephone numbers for home and/or work so that we can contact you quickly should your child become ill. Children must not be brought to school for at least 48 hours after sickness or diarrhoea.


Infectious Diseases


Children with infectious diseases must stay away for the statutory period, as recommended by your doctor. You must inform the school if they have Chicken Pox, Mumps or Measles as we need to inform other parents who need to avoid these potentially dangerous infections.


Coughs and colds


Children will need to catch many colds and coughs before they become immune to the normal range of cold ‘bugs’. This is normal when children first start attending a new nursery or school. Please try not keeping them away unless they are feeling unwell.




Children on antibiotics or other medicine for a specific illness should be kept at home until the course of medication is complete.

Parents or Carers are allowed to come into school to give antibiotics if they have been prescribed on a long term basis and the child is well enough to come to school.

Any rash should be seen by a doctor who will decide whether the child may attend school.


Staff are NOT allowed to give medicine unless backed up by letters from the doctor or hospital for serious conditions, e.g. asthma. Detailed permission forms will be filled out in these circumstances.


Please telephone the school to notify us of the reason for your child's absence.