Covid Information

Please ensure that you adhere to our protective safety measures and systems of controls when accessing Purley Nursery School.

  • All parents and carers are to wear face coverings whilst on Purley Nursery School’s grounds and remain 2m away from others, including nursery staff.
  • Always follow the one-way system when arriving at Purley Nursery School. Please access the school via Christ Church Road.
  • Always try to arrive at the nursery in line with your child’s nursery session drop off and collection time.


  • Always follow our ‘four adults only’ protocol when entering the main entrance area when dropping off and collecting children for their nursery session.
  • Always try to keep interactions with staff and parents to a minimum during drop off and collection times.

The current Covid situation is one that has had various different impacts on everyone. Below we have listed some information that you might find useful to help you navigate these times a little easier. 


These times continue to be very different whilst we are heading back to a degree or normality, things change everyday. We have found some resources that might be useful to you as parents. Please see links to NSPCC and Anna Freud who have created some useful resources:

Please contact the school office if you would like further support. We are always here to help.

Purley Nursery Full reopening March 2021

Purley Nursery is following Government guidance to ensure protective measures are in place to reopen to children and families from September 2020. Please see our risk assessments below. 

Full reopening of PN School November 2021
29 Full reopening of PN School November
Adobe Acrobat Document 161.6 KB
Full reopening of PN Visitor Risk Assessment - Reviewed April 2021
22. Full reopening of PN visitor risk as
Adobe Acrobat Document 57.8 KB
March 2021 First Aid Risk Assessment updated 23/02/2021
March Full PN School First Aid risk asse
Adobe Acrobat Document 278.2 KB
March 2021 Settling in of New Entrants Risk Assessment updates 25/02/2021
Settling in of new entrants PN School CO
Adobe Acrobat Document 351.9 KB