Behaviour Policy

We believe it is important for us to encourage each child to manage his/her own behaviour. Young children are learning how to socialise with others and will all be at different levels of development and understanding.


We aim to provide children with the skills to enable them to build successful relationships with a wide range of children and adults.


We engage in a ‘positive’ approach towards behaviour management as we believe that children learn and thrive best through encouragement and praise.


We work very closely with parents and carers in order to provide a consistency in approach for children. We role-model and explain to children how we expect them to behave towards others. We help them to develop their thinking skills to understand what they are doing and what this means for others.


We believe that this leads to children developing a deep understanding about the consequences of actions.


Any child who may experience difficulties will have access to a range of support from within school and to advice from other professionals and outside agencies.


Further details can be found in the Personal, Social and Emotional Development Policy.