Admission form for 2&3 Year Olds
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Children are admitted into Purley Nursery School the term after their third birthday (if places are available).


As a maintained nursery school, we follow Croydon Local Authority guidance on admissions criteria (


If we are over-subscribed, children will be admitted in accordance with the following criteria:


1. Your child may be given priority on special medical, social or educational grounds. These applications will not normally be considered as a priority unless accompanied by a supporting statement from a Doctor, Social Worker, Health Visitor or other appropriate education service. You will need to give particulars of a professional who can be contacted.


2. Finally, decisions will be taken on the basis of geographical measurements.

  • the distance from the child's home to the nursery/school based upon the shortest reasonable walking route

Applications are accepted at any time after the child's second birthday.  Application Forms are available at the School. 


Places are allocated during March/April for admission in the Autumn term after the child's third birthday and November/December for the Spring Intake. 


Children are admitted gradually. This helps you and your child to get to know us and eases the transition from home to school. Parents and carers are asked to stay and support their child in the early days to provide the security their child needs. Children who have attended other nursery provision will also still need time and a familiar adult to help them gain confidence in a different setting with unfamiliar adults.



Nursery Places for Two Year Olds


To check whether your Two Year Old is entitled to 15 hours of free nursery education, please use the following link: 

A small number of places for non-funded two year olds may be available to parents who are able to pay the fee charge however priority is given to children in receipt of the Government two year funding.