Meet the Governors

Sally Marvin - Chair

Chair of Governors / Foundation Governor (PCC appointed) SEND Governor

I was appointed a foundation governor at Purley Partnership Federation by Christ Church Purley’s Parochial Church Council in March 2020 and became Chair of the Governing Body in May 2021. From 2015-2020, I had served on the governing board of another Croydon primary school and was thus able to bring my 5 years of developing governance experience to my new role at Purley Partnership Federation. I am also Chair of the Curriculum Committee and the link governor for SEND at both schools and Enabling Environments at Purley Nursery School.

My background is in education. I taught for over 40 years in both maintained and independent schools, initially teaching English to secondary aged pupils and subsequently, following additional qualifications in SEND, becoming SENCO in various local comprehensive and independent schools. My last full time post was at nearby Cumnor House Boys School in Purley, where I was Head of Learning Support as well as Director of Studies (Assistant Headteacher).

Although now retired from teaching, I am still passionate about education. As a foundation governor and a member of Purley Baptist Church, I aim to ensure that Christ Church School continues to build on its Christian heritage whilst at the same time recognising and respecting the rich diversity of the school community. As Chair of Governors, I feel very privileged to be part of such a great team of hard working and committed individuals, each of whom brings their own personal and professional experience to their role of governor at Purley Partnership Federation. Together, we will work to ensure that both Christ Church School and Purley Nursery School continue to provide a warm and positive environment in which every child is provided with the opportunities to reach their true potential.

Theo Turner

Joint Vice Chair Foundation Governor (SDBE appointed)

I have been a governor at Christ Church school since 2015 and have enjoyed seeing the school grow and being a part of that process. I have for a few years now been the Chair of the Health, Safety & Premises Committee, and this year I have taken on the role of Vice Chair at Purley Partnership Federation.

I am a practising Christian attending Purley Baptist Church with my wife. We live and work in the local area. As an experienced teacher myself in the private sector, I bring relevant knowledge and an outside perspective to support and challenge Christ Church School and Purley Nursery School. As a foundation governor, I feel that the Christian ethos of Christ Church School is important to maintain and develop.

Alan Bates

Parent Governor

My name is Alan and I am a recently elected parent governor of the Federation. My daughter in in Year 1 at the primary school and previously attended the nursery. I also have a boy in Year 6 living with me, and a 7-month-old daughter who will hopefully be attending the nursery and then primary school in a few years’ time.

I have been a governor of another London primary school for nearly 20 years, through which I have learnt a lot about how good schools can become even better, and how governors can work in partnership with the headteacher, staff and families to do that. I hope my ‘apprenticeship’ at another school helps me to better serve the Federation’s children in my new role. I work as a barrister and part-time judge and have found that my legal background is sometimes useful in helping a school’s governing board navigate legal issues. Occasionally, boards have to resolve formal disputes between the school and individual families or staff members, and it is very important to me that governors deal with such matters in a way that is impartial, diligent and fair.

I am part of the Christ Church church community across the road and my Christian faith is central to my life, but I also believe that the two schools should value equally all the families who entrust us with their children, regardless of their religious background (or none). Part of education is helping children grow up to think for themselves. I am of mixed race heritage and it matters a lot to me that the schools love every child and welcome families of all shapes and size, and work in close partnership with them regardless of race, sex or sexual orientation. So I am glad that I have been asked me to make ‘inclusion’ a specific focus of my work as a governor. Please feel free to speak to me any time about that topic or anything else: as a parent governor, I want to help the governing board listen to families’ views about how we can make the schools even better.








Alison Thomson

Co-opted Governor

For most of my working career I have been in Sales & Sales Management, selling Telecommunications, Technology and Wi-fi to large corporate companies. I am a positive and motivated individual with a great deal of energy, a keen listener, and great with children (according to my 6 godchildren, my 7 siblings, my children and my nieces and nephews).

I am currently ‘retired’ from full time paid employment in order to concentrate on my charity work. I work at the local Food Bank and I act as a Befriender for Tandridge Council; I look after a 90-year-old Widow, I am also a local Keep Britain Tidy ambassador and collect litter close to my home. Helping my local community is very important to me.

I really want to be able to give back and share all the wonderful experiences’ life has given me, I’d also like to understand and help with the challenges teachers/schools and pupils come up against today. I am passionate about equal respect, equal opportunities and would like to contribute in shaping the pupils coming into the next phase of their lives, dealing with aspects of life that we simply did not have to.

I am honoured to join this Governing team and hope to be able to bring a different perspective based on my background.

Gill Visser

Foundation Governor Ex-officio

Together with my husband, Mark, we lead Grace Vineyard Church, Purley, which meets at Christ Church School. I come from South Africa where I taught primary school for many years, becoming a Deputy Head Teacher. We moved to Malawi in East Africa to start a church there and I taught at a British International School before coming to the UK. I loved teaching and am honoured and delighted to be serving both Christ Church School and Purley Nursery School in my capacity as Governor and look forward to building relationships with the staff, pupils and parents.

Graham Duncan

Foundation Governor (PCC Appointed) 

I am a new Foundation Governor. I was born and partially raised in Pakistan until I was 18. That experience of living in more than one country means that I enjoy living in a community with people from different backgrounds and experiences of life. I retired last year after 40 years in the civil service in central London, working on issues like housing, adult social care, children’s services, housing, regeneration and the environment. I hope the skills and experience I acquired there will help me make a contribution to the life and success of Christ Church School and Purley Nursery School.

I have been a member of Christ Church Purley for 18 years, and I really value the links between the church and the school. I am currently responsible for overseeing the worship bands at Christ Church. My daughters both benefitted from education at Christ Church School (admittedly, some time ago, since they are now 23 and 22). I have happy memories of the school, including the memory of my younger daughter excitedly skipping down Montpelier Road on her way to her first day at school. I will do what I can to make the time that children spend at Purley Nursery School and Christ Church School a similarly happy and fulfilling experience.

Jane Hudspith

Foundation Governor (PCC appointed)

I am a foundation governor, appointed in April 2021. I sit on the Curriculum Committee and am the link governor monitoring Early Years at both Christ Church School and Purley Nursery School.

I have children in Reception and Year 2. Professionally, I am a Senior Civil Servant working on apprenticeships at the Department for Education. Over 20 years in the civil service has given me valuable transferable skills to bring to the Purley Partnership Federation Governing Board including strategy, large team management and risk mitigation. 

My Christian faith gives me a special interest in how Christ Church School lives its Christian ethos in all it does. I am committed to supporting the staff and pupils to make both Christ Church School and Purley Nursery School the best places they can be to allow all the children to thrive and succeed.

John Harrison

Joint Vice Chair Foundation Governor (PCC appointed)

My name is John Harrison. I am a Foundation Governor, which means I’m elected by Christ Church Parochial Church Council, and I’ve been volunteering in this role for 4 years now. I am really honoured to have become part of the team that works in the background for both Christ Church School and Purley Nursery School.

I have over 21 years’ experience in planning and emergency preparation and response to incidents.  I translate that experience to reviewing policies and procedures, stress-testing plans and consideration around health, safety and well-being, for the children and the staff too.  I sit on the Health, Safety and Premises Committee which has been instrumental in the Covid19 response since the pandemic began.  I am also the Governor link for the Senior Leadership team, reviewing policies and general approach to the Schools.  Both these roles I find very rewarding.

I am incredibly passionate about the Governor role. I try to pick the direction that I feel is best for us all, and amongst many examples, I have challenged the school to improve on communication with parents & carers, and whilst there’s always more to be done, we’ve seen some great successes so far.

I have a son in Year 4 who also attended Purley Nursery School, so as a parent and as a Governor, I can honestly say that I am proud to be part of the Governing Body team. I am in awe of the hard work that the teachers and staff dedicate to our children's future, and I couldn’t be happier that my son attends this amazing school.

Lucinda Hasell

Parent Governor

I’m really pleased to have recently been elected as a parent governor for the Purley Partnership Federation. I sit on the Curriculum Committee and am the link governor for literacy issues at both Christ Church School and Purley Nursery School.

My son is in Year 2, and we hope our daughter will join reception in due course. I have a professional background in social and public policy and have worked widely on the issues of child internet safety and the commercialisation of childhood.

While the role of a governor is not an operational role, rather a strategic role with particular regard to the governance of the school, I am delighted to be able to support Christ Church School and Purley Nursery School in this way as the schools deliver a curriculum that supports all our children.

Roger Skervin

Foundation Governor (SDBE appointed)

Having just joined the Governing Body, I feel privileged to be part of the team serving Christ Church School and Purley Nursery School. I accepted the role as a foundation governor appointed by the Southwark Diocese Education Board because it aligns with my Christian beliefs, which gives me the opportunity to uphold the vision and values of Christ Church School. I also sit on the Health, Safety and Premises Committee.

I am married and a father of two boys and my eldest son is currently in Year 1 at Christ Church School. It is great to see how he is developing within this nurturing environment. As a Learning and Development Consultant, I have over 15 years’ experience working within this sector. This has enabled me to use my learning expertise to help people, teams, and departments to develop. It is an area that I am passionate about, and it is my intention through my role as governor to support the development of the children at Christ Church School and Purley Nursery School based on a strong academic foundation.

Vanessa Sefa

LA governor

With a passion for education, I am a Senior Leader in a Secondary Academy in Croydon. I have a specialist focus on reading which I use to invest great effort into embedding quality diversity and inclusion opportunities in reading as a means to diversify the curriculum. Alongside this, I run an education research social media platform, EducationCubed, through which I share news, research and resources from the world of education and social mobility.

As a PPF governor, I am keen to establish a symbiotic relationship with a primary school, to learn, share and develop knowledge in a bid to driving up standards, enhancing the education for all of our students. 

Yuan Choong

Foundation Governor (PCC appointed)

I have been a governor at Purley Partnership Federation since March 2020, right before the start of the Covid-19 lockdown. I have been a member of Christ Church Purley since 2014, a year after we moved into the area and commuting weekly to attend church at Battersea with a newborn was no longer a feasible option.  

I am a member of the Finance and Personnel Committee and also lead the monitoring of Purley Nursery School’s School Development Plan Objective for Parental / Carer Engagement and support Jane Hudspith as link governors in Early Years at both schools.

Stepping into the role of a governor, I wanted to extend the support from Christ Church Purley, as well as getting to know and serve our community. In the last 2 unusual years especially, I have been truly amazed by the hard work, passion and dedication of all the staff at Purley Partnership Federation and the detail that goes on behind the scenes to get ready for what seems like a normal day!   

I have two children at Christ Church School. I see every day how the nurturing from the school has had a huge positive impact on the development of both my children, as well as the time my son spent at Purley Nursery, which he still recalls fondly.   

I have been an IT and Cyber Security Consultant for a large part of my career, and currently work within the Tech and Security function for an accounting firm. 







Sam Harper-Allen

Co-opted Governor/Safeguarding Governor

My name Sam Harper-Allen and I am a mum of a child in Year 6. I work as an Equality Diversity and Inclusion Lead within the NHS and I am passionate about ensuring that all the children, families and staff within our Christchurch school community are treated with respect and that our different experiences are shared and celebrated.

Although I now work in the NHS, my background is in Early Years and Education. I worked with children and their families in various settings for over 20years. I am here to bring my early years learning, knowledge and experience to my role of the Safeguarding Governor for the school. If you see me within the school, please say hello and let’s continue provide a safe community space for all.









Ben Winstanley

Foundation Governor (PCC appointed)

I am a Foundation Governor, appointed in December 2023, and have joined the Personnel & Finance Committee.

I grew up in Oxted, went to school in Croydon, and studied modern languages at university (including a year in south-west France). I have spent the last 15 years or so as an investment banker in London, working for two large banks. This has given me financial literacy, board-level experience, and an international perspective - all of which I hope may be helpful for this role.

I am a practicing Christian, and worship in central London at the church where I met my wife and where our son was baptised. When I have visited Christ Church School, it has been great to see how Christian values are lived out to serve pupils, staff, parents and the community, of all faiths and none. I have been very impressed at everything I have seen so far and look forward to contributing to the ongoing success of Purley Partnership Federation.